December 15, 2010

all the trees bleed
rivers of leaves
into the skies
birds scatter
singing songs of warmth
my eyes close
the air freezes in around me


December 15, 2010

climbing on the waves
a gust of wind blows
the sails invite the sun
a dream in the water
all the voices are trapped
out in the rain
but they follow him back
and he moors his boats on them

October 3, 2010

I fell down and no one saved me
I am so alone.
my life ends with fear and sadness
nothing to behold.
I had this dream, that you still cared
but woke up into nightmare
my world is crumbling
I try to rebuild every time
a new hope, the love I’ll discover

some lyrics I wrote

August 30, 2010

walk through the haven
dance along the shore
feel the grit in my feet
as the world falls apart
glistening faces
in flashing lights
you act so famous
you perfect the art
a poor investor
in this community
a revival, a rehab
my wrists still bleed


August 14, 2010

we were raised
we see up, not down
war affects everyone
you learn what it really is
home is different


August 14, 2010

the rumblings I’ve heard
intense intakes
high, from my heart
peppered with memories
eliminate the foul stench of accomplishment
I want answers, the truth

eyes of a dream

July 25, 2010

The cage is dark with rust and loneliness
this sorrow. here, I feel it bearing down on me
I climb up the ladder, darkness floods into the cabin
as a crisp breeze quickly extinguishes candles around me
A rich deep voice rises up
wrapping around the silence
I look backwards at the unknown
a man walks away into the cold, dark night
I stumble after him, cursing myself
his arms sweep up and a dark figure forms in his arms
the branches around crawl towards him
contributing their haunting nature
a vortex consuming light expands in front of him
“I am not afraid”
the light bleeds from my eyes
a harsh pain rakes over my body
all courage snapping out of my body
I reach out, clawing into the darkness
hoping to somehow wound it
I fall to the ground, my palms feeling dirt on the cool concrete
A sharp pain pierces my eyes from behind
a throbbing heat pulses its way into me
the blindfold of darkness whisked away by a radiant light
the sun rises around the forest
darkness, cold, trees. they fall away
I lie and wait for the day to come